Candle Bowl - XL

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This candle is not just a candle, it’s a centre piece ... people will see it in your home and want to talk about it!

Scent.... You can pick any you like from my website.

Toppers.... Let’s chat about what you want on the top of your candle!

If you know what you want - simply write as much details into the comments section of the check out.

It weighs 3KG! Perfect for a dinner party... It will burn for 6 hours no worries. 

If you have any questions message me on Instagram (@dreamcatchercandles) and we can organise your epic candle.

Over 320 burn hours. Speckled natural stone bowl. Dimensions: 27cm diameter, 8cm height.

Please allow 2 weeks for the Giant beauty to be made. 

PS This candle is designed to only burn one side of the bowl. So the toppers on the other side to the wicks - will remain in place. This decreases the burn time of the candle. However it will always be looking beautiful. Perfect for display. 


Jo x