Chrissy Candle Making Kit

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It's time to get creative!!! This kit will give you the materials to cook up 2 beautiful soy candles. A fun activity for an afternoon off, which will leave your home smelling amazing. Every ingredient is measured out perfectly, so you'll be ready to go as soon as the kit arrives! With a few Christmas surprises in there, sure to leave you pleasantly surprised :) !!!!

What you will need which is NOT in the kit:

A Pot, Your Stove Top, Bench Space, 2 Butter Knives, Paper Towel/Tissues & Scissors.

What IS included:

2 Red Christmas Mosaic Candle Jars (red jar in photos x 2)

2 Wicks

2 Wick Stickums (to stick the wick to the middle of the bottom of the jar)

Christmas Fragrance

Soy Wax

Bamboo Stirrer

Mixing Bowl (to set up a double boiler - to melt your soy wax)

Thermometer (you'll need to monitor the wax temperature)

Simple Step By Step Instructions