Gender Reveal Candle

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The Gender Reveal Candle.. perfect for intimate announcements.

Are you all out of gender reveal ideas? Here's something completely different. 

The candle is white - then approx 20-30 minutes after lighting it will magically turn blue or pink! (or if you'd prefer another colour - just let me know via Instagram @dreamcatchercandles)

This provides a magical experience waiting to see the blue or the pink! Brings some joy and light to couples, individuals and family members.


- Make sure you pick your favourite scent from the drop down menu.

- Also select your reveal colour - blue, pink  or 'will let you know'.

If you select 'will let you know' I am happy to wait from an email from a relative, or the doc - to let me know what colour to make the candle in. So it's a real surprise!!!!!

After about 20-30 minutes burn time, the candle magically begins to show a hint of either pink or blue. The colour increases until the candle eventually burns in that colour for the duration (total time approx 22 hours).

Orders are carefully prepared and gift wrapped in white! 

Any question - email me at or via Instagram.


Jo x