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Are you ready to go on an adventure to the ‘Great Indoors?’ Well grab your sleeping bag, your comfiest camping clothes & settle in for S’more fun than ever…under your own roof!

In this kit you will find enough delicious treats for 2 players (or you can eat them all yourself and that’s why we love you) 

THE S'MORES = 4 x Large Chocolate Chip filled Grain Cookies (a little hybrid of a Graham cracker and a Chocolate Chip Cookie…so heaven basically) All cookies are slathered in a thick layer of milk chocolate that will ooze and melt! 2 x JUMBO fluffy, puffy, squishy, homemade Vanilla Bean Marshmallows (if you haven’t had a REAL marshmallow you haven’t lived!)

If you’d like 1 extra s’more for another player - add to cart the $10 option, on top of the set. Two extra players? Add 2 extra s’mores!

THE CANDLE = This pure 'Essential Oil' candle is 100% natural. It is crafted using pure essential oils, bee + soy wax and a wooden wick. It is chemical-free, non-synthetic, non-toxic and completely free of any nasties. So perfect to roast your marshmallows over! The scent is a blend of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Bergamot, Frankincense & Clove Bud Essential Oils. Some of the magical scents you might smell when out camping, in the woods.

THE FUN = A booklet of creative camping themed games for you to play around the candle campfire all night!

THE DETAILS - $60 including express shipping 

Postage: Shipping will be on Monday 10th August, via express post Australia Wide!!!!! Orders will be shipped Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday each week to ensure arrival for the weekend. Shelf life of dessert products is 3 weeks from shipping.

What is in the package?

Candle: Approx 20 hours of beautiful burn time. Brushed gold candle tin, with lid (7.2cm Diamter x 4.3cm Deep x 4.9cm Height), filled with creamy bee + soy wax, a wooden wick, essential oils and dried florals on top. Candle Care: Ensure you pinch the burnt charcoal wick off between each burn.

S'Mores: 4 x 7cm Chocolate Coated Cookies, 2 x Jumbo Vanilla Marshmallows.
Contains flours, sugars, glucose, gelatine, dairy, eggs.

2 x Wooden Roasting Sticks
1 x Date Night Activity & Game Kit.

Mint Green Cylinder: Reinforced cardboard exterior, sturdy to keep your goodies safe. (9.3cm x 13.8cm)

Handmade with love in Melbourne. Enjoy the adventure.

PS. If you want to buy other products from Dreamcatcher Candles, they will be posted separately :)

Alisha & Jo x