Bubble Candle Making Kit

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Make your own Bubble candle with this soy wax candle making kit.

Complete with everything you need, with a step by step guide! (All you'll need to provide is - a small saucepan and a few inches of water.)

It is the perfect gift for the creative ones in your life - or a lovely treat for yourself.

What's included?

Kit contains: Instructions!!

1 x Bubble silicone mould (you'll have enough supplies to make 3 candles)

1 x boiler pot with handle

1 x thermometer

450g Soy wax flakes (makes 3 candles - not at once, you can only make one at a time)

1 x Bamboo stirring stick

1 x wick stabiliser (paddle pop with a hole in it)

3 x Cotton wicks

Candle Fragrance oil 

1 x Wicking toothpick

Age suitability? The tricky parts of the process are pouring boiling water, then pouring the hot melted wax into the mould. If you think you / the person you're gifting can do this! Then it would be a wonderful gift :)

Jo x