Hello Dreamers,

My name is Joanna, I started making candles in 2014..  Dreamcatcher Candles has always been the most magical creative outlet for me.

Why 'Dreamcatcher'... Well dreamcatchers are magical webs that dispel bad dreams and allow the flow of good dreams and energies. For most of my childhood I slept with a dreamcatcher above my bed. I still enjoy the magic of this concept. True or false.. 

I am all about 'self care' and 'self love'... I find my 'Jo time' is required at least for a few hours once a week.. Burning my candles, having a bath, a walk, cheeky block of chocolate.. Haha. What do you do?

Why don't you try to immerse yourself in the free flowing and calming energy of Dreamcatcher Candles. You will feel your soul and mind unwind as the aroma of my delicately hand poured, 100% soy candles indulge your senses and invigorate your passions...

I hope they transport yourself to a place of peace and relaxation. You deserve it.

Enjoy the light,



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