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The 6 Signature Scents. Which originated in 2014 with the opening of the brand, Dreamcatcher Candles.

The hybrid wick? What is that?

This stunning hybrid wick crackles slightly when burning! It is used in conjunction with a cotton wick. So you're getting the best of both worlds - cotton & wooden. This combination burns with a beautiful and stable circular flame. The flame stays 'true', surrounded by its wooden fence. This combination is powerful - any mushrooming or curling is contained within the confines of the circular wood wick, keeping the flame steady and strong.

All hand mixed beautifully. All scent categories are covered with this range; fruity, floral, woodsy, yummy & sweet...

Vanilla Bean and Almond Milk (yummy)

For a subtle ambience laced with sophistication, this candle is perfect for getting ready for a romantic evening, or if you are wanting to freshen your surroundings after that race to clean your home. Embrace the sense of warmth for a cosy night in curled up on your couch with a good movie.

Exotic Sandalwood & Sweet Caramel (woodsy & yummy)

Intoxication…dreams of faraway lands, with the sense of being at home in your comfy kitchen all at once. A vivid scent to transport you to a place of tranquility. For a sense of wellbeing mixed with a much-needed hug…this scent is for you.

Watermelon and Wild Lime (fruity & yummy)

For the dream of summer without the heaviness of a hot day…this scent may lead to a holiday on a tropical island without the plane ticket. Light this candle and mix a cocktail, lie back and enjoy that summer read at any time of the year.

Lavender, Cucumber and Sage (floral)

For clean and fresh surroundings, this candle can be the key to a good night’s sleep. For a sense of cool and calm, to allow relaxation and healing, to soothe those nerves and encourage a gentle and cleansing journey to wellbeing. This candle is ideal after a stressful day, relaxing in a warm bath.

Lychee Peony (fruity)

If you still have the thought of sand on a Thai beach between your toes and need to travel back to that exotic land, this scent may be for you…if you loved walking through the markets and smelling the fruit, light this candle for a sense of celebration, or offer as a gift to a treasured loved one.

Champagne and Strawberries (fruity & yummy)

Romance…wining and dining…chocolates and teddy bears…go hand in hand with this sexy and daring fragrance with the sweetness of strawberry to lace your evening with desire and adventure. Ideal for Valentines, whilst dinner is cooking or a special evening with your sweetheart.

Enjoy the light x