APRIL | The Mermaid | Scent: Sonoma Sunset

Fresh from the sea - to light up your day comes the Mermaid Candle. When lit, it transforms into a shimmery pool of light blue sparkling wax.. soo magical.

This biodegradable, non-toxic candle is made with pure 100% G.M.O. free soy wax and features a crackling WOODEN wick.

The scent is a sweet sea fragrance designed to instantly relax the mind and make your living space a calm sanctuary this April.. Trust me on this scent. You will love it x

MARCH | La Fêmea | Scent: Sandalwood & Amber

... infused with natures herbs, flowers and the smooth, sensual scents of Sandalwood and Amber. Enhanced with rich notes of patchouli, vetiver and cedar wood. 

Set your intentions for the month of March by lighting your La Fêmea Dreamcatcher Candle  - and manifest in your space, what it is, that you desire...

Not a candle for the mantle piece. This is for 'you time'.